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The Rerun Show

Could there be anything more pointless and sad than the Rerun Show, a sitcom parody of semi-nostalgic television? Well, perhaps trying to rerun history. I think the producers of that one ougtta rethink it one more time before they give it a go. The world might not want to watch this time.


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Critical Mass

This outlandish piece of comic art is full of comedy, satire, vulgarity, tragedy, and critical thought, all wrapped in a giant Office Space style burrito. Although I tried very hard, I just could not stop reading without voicing a sinister giggle. Then this dissent of thought just plain made me angry. And not at the […]


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Straight Talk

Much to my shock and amazement this week, the regularly viewing schedule of trash hype television, Entertainment Tonight and Extra, was unceremoniously interrupted by an hour long “town hall” discussion of PA security presided by the reluctant governor of my fine state, Mark Shweiker. I say reluctant because ever since Tom Ridge became the head […]

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