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Comments Off on Mask #5 Revisited

Mask #5 Revisited

In the Fall of 1994 I did a series of ink wash drawings titled simply Masks. As I recall at the time, this particular part of the series had a lot to due with the Heisenberg principle, but it coud easily be applied to the recent presidental veto on federal stem cell research. Mike Schindler […]


Comments Off on Of Elephants and Asses

Of Elephants and Asses

You know when James Dobson can’t resist defending a gay man who sexually harrassed teenage boys on the government bill, it’s time to pack up the self-rightousness and make a move for the hills—preferably some place where they’ve never heard of irony before.

All Fight for Freedom

Liz (talking to me on her cell phone in traffic): It says “Viva Bush!” on the bumper sticker in front of me. Me: Oh yeah? Liz (muffled): And “I’ll fight for freedom.” Me: All fight for freedom? Liz: No, I’ll fight for freedom. It’s on another sticker. It says I apostrophe L-L fight for freedom. […]

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Comments Off on I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I’m in a Hell of Lot of Trouble: The Four Year Comedy Tour of President George W. Bush

I may be the only one I know who’s willing to admit to being a long time appreciator of comedian Richard Lewis. His anxiety-laden routines, such as I’m in Pain, I’m in Hell, and I’m Doomed spelled out Jewish guilt and life on the therapy couch in a cathartic flush of pain and laughter. Despite […]

Darwin Scores Against Dover

Sorry, after looking at my desktop today and hearing the news, I couldn’t resist adding this little adjustment to one of the Nonist’s more interesting downloads. Their original inspiration may be worth repeating. a century and a half after darwin’s most important work was published people still seem to have a hard time wrapping their […]

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