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Comments Off on Cindy as a Shahn-esca

Cindy as a Shahn-esca

I started this just wanting to see what the Bensfolk Font looked like in the context of a Ben Shahn protest piece. Then I wanted to see if I could reproduce some of his famous line work in Photoshop using a Wacom Tablet. Appropriating a timely image and a quote from Cindy Sheehan, the entire […]


Comments Off on Hitchens 360°

Hitchens 360°

Just a small follow up on my last Christopher Hitchens post. Somehow I knew once I posted about him, I’d find it hard to stop. This interview on Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina is significant because it might be the start of his rhetorical ambandon ship, or as close to one as he’ll ever get. […]


Comments Off on Facing Down Incompetence

Facing Down Incompetence

General Anthony Zinni may have said it best. In the lead up to the Iraq war and its later conduct, I saw at a minimum, true dereliction, negligence and irresponsibility, at worse, lying, incompetence and corruption. Just replace Iraq with Hurricane Katrina response and it still holds true. Those complacent with the most responsible powers, […]


Comments Off on What Again?

What Again?

Because enough public officials apparently did not already put their foot in their mouths concerning Hurricane Katrina, I saw Franklin Graham, son of Billy, on Fox’s Hannity and Colme’s making a late entry into the fold last night. Referring to the apparent looting and anarchy happening in the streets he observed an evident lack of […]

Homeland Insecurity

By now you’ve seen the shocking reality of what’s happened at the convention center in New Orleans. To contrast, here’s an NPR interview from this morning. Robert Siegel asks the Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, about his supposedly in-depth knowledge of the events. Robert Siegel: We are hearing from our reporter, he’s on another […]

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