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Written in Numbers

Looks like somebody found a way to take the eyes off his report card today. Wish I could have been so lucky when I was in school. 10:32 AM 11:48 AM 1:43 PM

Partisan Shmartisan CNN Poll

In a manner that baffles me, CNN is contributing to a media perception that the Terri Schiavo case somehow falls along populist partisan lines, despite the clear evidence to the contrary demonstrated in their own poll. Looking at this illustration, which asks if the poller agrees with the court’s decision to have the feeding tube […]

Like a Prayer

Ross did all the heavy lifting while I did my best to hijack the conversation (walking in late, as usual). Residents of Harrisburg and the surrounding area take note. Jason N. Smith will answer your questions about his upcoming bid to challenge Mayor Reed for the city of Harrisburg. If anything, he’s totally up front […]

Putting the Lid on ID

Okay, now that I said that, I want you to forget about it. Here’s the deal. In my own way, and in principle, I actually believe in Intelligent Design. There, I said it. I think accepting the spiritual nature of birth is a totally rational thought for a parent to have. And it’s something I […]

The Big Indifference

Call me a little naive, but I found it hard to believe some conservatives had the balls this week to gloat over accountability in Rathergate. After all, the scandal in question had to do with documents that were never proven, by any sufficient evidence I’m aware of, to be false. They were just never authenticated […]

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