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Realism for an Abstract Country

I keep having these Oscar Schindler moments. You know, the part at the end of Schindler’s List when he says, "Maybe I could have saved one more life." You could say it’s in the blood. Maybe I should have sandbagged my blog with more political entries, as if I hadn’t been doing it enough already. […]

For All These Rights

Ben Shahn For All These Rights We’ve Just Begun to Fight, 1946 Lithograph 73.6 s 98.4 cm Gift of Ben Shahn I was born the son of an inner city school teacher and a union steel worker. Some might say I never had a say in choosing my politics, but that’s not true. My father […]


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The Question of Safety

I can remember during the march up to war how certain Bush mouth pieces argued over the need to invade Iraq. Bill O’Reilly, in particular, blasted over the airwaves during his radio show something to this effect: “The U.N. inspectors are not going to keep you safe! Hans Blix is not going to keep you […]


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Note: This should have gone up Monday. Anybody catch Jon Stewart on C-Span this weekend? I have to admit that I missed Ashlee Simpson’s lip-synching drama over it, albeit with very little regret. He was giving a press event, I think, for his new book. Again, he showed just how sharp and insightful he can […]

The Autopilot Media

I’m not trying to write a thesis on the subject of a lazy mainstream media. Granted my theory probably goes well beyond the idea of people simply being lazy but the evidence to that regard does seem to keep mounting. Listening to this interview with Michael Moore, it’s quite clear to me that an inkling […]

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