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Comments Off on See JRun

See JRun

Yup, Macromedia has released an official version of JRun, the company’s renowned Java application server, for Mac OS X. A trial download version of the software is also available. Since I could think of a clever title, I felt it my duty to post.


Comments Off on Out on Safari

Out on Safari

Steve Jobs mentioned nearly none of my predictions at his keynote today. Still, suffice to say, there were a few surprises. Mainly, Safari, Apple’s newly designed Internet web browser—which after 5 minutes of use with the Public Beta—appears to be the fastest of the Mac OS X bunch. I’m floored at the excellent rendering so […]


Comments Off on MacWorld Hype Predictions

MacWorld Hype Predictions

I can’t help it. My predictions for the ever-anticipated MacWorld San Francisco are as follows: Quark Express for Mac OS X will finally be unveiled. A tablet-based iMac-esque device geared towards artists and creative types will surprise everyone, putting the rumors about the discontinued 17-inch iMac to rest and breathing new life into inkWell. The […]


Comments Off on Illuminating Patent

Illuminating Patent

Back from the Holidays in Florida. Pictures likely to come. Anywhat, I was thinking about a replacement for my Flava Packet color widget because I’m getting kind of bored with it. And then I found a little tidbit about how Apple is applying for a hardware color-changing patent. Now, imagine how cool it would be […]


Comments Off on Dreamweaver MX 6.1 Update Woes

Dreamweaver MX 6.1 Update Woes

This work week has been mired by bugs I’ve found in Dreamweaver MX, ever since I decided to update to 6.1. I feel like a Macromedia beta tester. Problem is, the update is supposed to fix all of the “outstanding issues” from the 6.0 version. I’ll be reverting back shortly, under the advisement of the […]

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