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Filed under technology

Whazza?!!! Adobe buys Macromedia

It would be patently wrong of me not to mention today that Adobe just bought out Macromedia. It feels a bit naive to say this out loud, but I never saw it coming. My less than controversial guess as to what this means to the software industry is that it will be very, very significant. […]

My First WordPress Theme (Paper Linen)

What you’re looking at is a shameless derivative of the now default Kubrick layout for WordPress, true, but what the hell. I haven’t seen a better looking layout yet, which is why I was using it before it became the default theme anyway. And who knew back then that WordPress would become the de facto […]

Come Tiger

I realize that I’m probably late to the ball on this one, but I just noticed the awesomely revamped promo page for Mac OS X Tiger, complete with full screen Quicktime previews of the Operating System’s new features. If the demonstration of Automator doesn’t give an immediate boner to your inner geek region, might I […]

Going to Mars

Well, the transition from pMachine to WordPress just keeps getting better. After realizing that I had a missing xmlrpc file on my site, I think I’m ready to use MarsEdit as my new desktop blogging solution. Before, I was using pmPost which pretty much did the same thing, although I have to admit that it […]

Apple Riping

I agree with some of the sentiments in this article and think the rest of it is just silly. The Mac world does look like it’s changing. But to that I say… “Duh! Did anybody really think it would be all champagne, giggles, and no market share forever?” For proof, take a gander at the […]

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