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Filed under technology

Okay, I Give Up

Some asshole comment spamming engine has been busy with my site today. I noticed yesterday and thought this morning that changing the name of my comments page would thwart it off. Seeing the 78 junk emails this evening just told me how well that worked. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to look at it right […]

Panic Catharsis

Back in the day when MP3 players were still all the rage (and a dime a dozen), I had a special place in my heart for Panic’s Audion. The endless supply of skinnable faces it sprouted off were footbal lengths better than any of the skins available on WinAmp or SoundJam, BlackHot&Blue being my personal […]

Real Desperate

This morning I heard about Real Networks new pricing scheme designed to grab some of the iTunes Music Store’s market share. “Really, 49 cents?,” I thought. I immediately began to think about how the iTMS is supposed to be a “loss leader” designed to sell iPods, not music. The cut Apple gets from each of […]


Comments Off on Daring Parlay

Daring Parlay

This much I know. Dan Gruber (of Daring Fireball fame) knows his shit. It’s mostly talk of Apple this and Apple that, but why should I credit him with any more brilliance. His recent lengthy article (and not just in title alone) The Art of the Parlay, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About […]


Comments Off on G4 MDD Superdrive Mod

G4 MDD Superdrive Mod

Well, if there’s anything to be learned from adding a Pioneer 107 (Superdrive) DVD Burner to my mirror drive door G4, it’s that I should pay more attention to the advice of others. Numerous people on this site reported it necessary to remove the tray’s front lip (the part with the DVD logo on it) […]

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