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As a successor to pMachine, ExpressionEngine looks to take publishing systems where no publishing system has gone before—minus the Star Trek music, of course. ExpressionEngine was designed with one overriding goal: Modularity. Almost every system in ExpressionEngine is designed as an add-on module, which will enable it to serve virtually any conceivable purpose just by […]


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Leveling Power With Linux

Sidenote: This closet Eagles fan was very, very sad today. 🙁 Well, if the plan to find IT jobs on Mars doesn’t pan out, I guess we’ll have to find it within ourselves to jumpstart the tech industry. Doug Chick over at OS Views ponders a hope in Linux. I believe, as do many others, […]

VT Testimonial

Virginia Tech has definitely got it going on when it comes to research. Not only do they sport a tricked-out G5 cluster, the third fastest supercomputer in the world (and a measly 5.1 mill’ at that), but I’ve been using one of their open source programs, VT Survey, to conduct research for my wife as […]


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Final Thoughts on MacWorld (I Think)

As mentioned on MacSlash, El Gato software has just announced their first attempt at a media conduit device very similar to the one I had been hoping Apple would announce. EyeHome allows you to access the digital content you have stored on your Mac – photos, music, video, movies – and enjoy it on your […]

The iPod Mini – Nope, Not Yet

As I can imagine, like many others, I’m also disappointed and confused at the opening price point for the new iPod Mini. Here I’ve been waiting for the price to come down, only to see it drop incrementally in cost and drastically in capacity. It kinda reminds me of the decision to buy a soft […]

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