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Yet Another MacWorld 2004 Prediction

At the risk of breaking up a near perfect run of double entandre in the titles of my last three entries, here’s my big prediction—well, not really a prediction, more of a wish, really—for the upcoming MacWorld Expo. Smaller, snazzier, lower priced iPod’s would certainly be a welcomed announcement. Both my proverbial pocketbook and my […]


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Shell Script to the Rescue

This nicely written shell script from Patrick Gibson creates virtual host sites on Mac OS X (client) with so much ease, it cured my turrets syndrome induced cursing fit. If you’re developing more then one site and are not aftaid to enter the word “sudo” in the Terminal, it may make the job of setting […]


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Tokyo Gets a Bite of Apple

Apple’s first non U.S. retail store in Japan opened like gangbusters this weekend. The Tokyo store allegedly had 5,500 famished consumers lusting for shiny plastic computer bits of goodness in the pouring rain. More photos at Apple’s website.


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Panther Roars

Like a good little Macster, I recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.3 (aka Panther). It went off without a hitch despite the fact that depending who you ask I might have taken a slight chance performing a run-of-the-mill upgrade in place of a clean install (recommended by the higher geeks). Me, I’m much too impatient […]


Comments Off on New iPod Ads Sport Flava

New iPod Ads Sport Flava

The new Apple iPod commercial is just the kind of shot in the arm that the company (and the elegant little MP3 player) needs. The first-person white background approach has been played over, imitated, and parodied to a near death. On that same point, I’d also like to point out that the use of the […]

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