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Comments Off on Apple’s New Shine

Apple’s New Shine

Apple Computer is getting something of a brand identity makeover. Actually, the glassy silver logo coating that’s allegedly going to appear in Panther is identical in shape and size to all of the other logos, so it truly is an update in the vein of such other keep-’em-fresh design efforts such as Burger King and […]


Comments Off on Java Royale

Java Royale

If James Bond ever decided to fend off evil as a web developer instead of as a world-class spy, he’d probably forego the conventional wisdom of the W3C and start cooking up some slick, sexy, and stylish gadget-like interfaces in Flash. Hey, 007 may be superficial, but he knows what looks good—even outside of a […]


Comments Off on His Name is Linux

His Name is Linux

This clever television commercial from IBM is the first I’ve ever seen about the Linux Operating System. It catches a nerve not because Big Blue is sponsoring it, or Penny Marshall makes a cameo (oh, please, no), but because it tries to make palpable a foreign concept to most people working outside of today’s nitty-gritty […]


Comments Off on Give the Customer What They Want

Give the Customer What They Want

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruball nicely summarizes Andrew Stone’s apparent distaste of Apple’s Carbon API (and preference for Cocoa), and why resolute adherence to ever-changing technology strategies are not very realistic. True, you can have your ideals—you can live by them and promote them to other people—but if they end up sacrificing customer satisfaction with your […]


Comments Off on It’s in the Contextual Menu, Stupid

It’s in the Contextual Menu, Stupid

Chalk this one up to my own ignorance. Having recently upgraded to pMachine Pro 2.3, I thought it would be nice to give pMpost another try, seeing that my last attempt was a bust. Using the program for only 5 minutes, I took it upon myself to email Elwin Zuiderveld, the creator, with some suggestions […]

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