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Comments Off on Artists Find Fault with iTunes Music Store

Artists Find Fault with iTunes Music Store

It looks like certain artists still won’t enter the twenty-first century without kicking and screaming. Metallica (no big surprise there) and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are among a few bands apparently unwilling to participate in the highly successful iTunes Music Store. Citing grievance only with the single song download format, this could be construed […]


Comments Off on Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

Check out this unlikely pair. No, you’re eyes do not deceive you—that is indeed pop star Christina Aguilera plugging away Java mobile technology on the official Java web site. ChristinaMobile…keeps you on top of all things Aguilera with daily text message updates right to your mobile phone…. From fashion and makeup tips to the skinny […]


Comments Off on pMpost… Not!

pMpost… Not!

I’m overcoming bummage, having found out that Elwin Zuiderveld’s new pMpost application won’t work with my free (2.1) version of pMachine. That is, at least, for now. Elwin—the gentleman that he is—is looking into the matter. If I had the time, I would upgrade to the proper paid version and have a few other bells […]


Comments Off on Confucius, the Mac Consultant

Confucius, the Mac Consultant

Confucius say: When trying to impress upon the Internet Director of a company for which you are a consultant the benefits of Mac OS X Jaguar, it is always not a good idea to put a foot in your mouth. If you are joining a network comprised of an ancient Solaris machine serving over AFP, […]

Pagespinner 4.5 Preview

It’s encouraging to see certain things in technology not outgrowing their use. Case in point, Pagespinner. I’ve mentioned this little HTML text editor here many times and have used it over and over in countless projects since my humble beginnings as a web author. In the short amount of time I’ve had to use it, […]

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