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Stumbling Towards the Purpose Within

I’ve long accepted the fact that the job I go to everyday shouldn’t be the primary place to go searching for self-worth and fulfillment in my life. Don’t get me wrong. That’s in no way meant to disparage any circumstance or person in my career, past or present. I’ve enjoyed my gigs fondly enough. It’s […]

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Love is Rock N Roll


I know absolutely nothing about Ryan Adams. Well, apart from the ramblings on his website. Like I know he used to work at Hardee’s and that he’s originally from North Carolina and apparently he ‘s proud of the fact that he’s a bad dresser (cool through disassociation of fashion is still cool, no doubt). And […]


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As American as Apple Computer

It was a harmless enough comment. Something that I let slide at the time because I didn’t really know the person who said it. And then there was the small technicality of his being my new boss’; friend—both of us being invited to his house to watch the NFC Championship game—which didn’t exactly elicit the […]


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Dare I Say It

At the closing scene of the movie Daredevil, our internally-conflicted hero stands triumphant over the body of his arch rival and utters some words that had particular relevance to my own movie-going experience, “I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was 12 years old.” Touché, Matt Murdock, you’ve read my mind again. You see, […]


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Kitschy Kitschy Coup

It’s here. A time that I thought would never come. A time that reflects to the world the true heart of my generation, and, perhaps more importantly, the value of it to our money driven society. It’s going to be an interesting next few years for my generation. We’re giving the world a new panoramic […]

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