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Mac OS X Unleashed

My new favorite book has 1,464 pages and I intend to read every bit of it… eventually. It’s called Mac OS X Unleashed by John Ray and Will C. Ray. Never has there been a book this robust for the Mac. Hell, never has there been an Operating System this robust for the Mac either. […]


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€uro Tripping

Memoirs of a Virgin Traveling Couple It feels like it’s taken me longer to write about this trip then it has to actually go on it. Planning aside, it has, in fact, proven to do just that. I hope this retains some glimmer of what it was like to be there, although I really can’t […]


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I guess there comes a time in every person’s life when he or she decides to commit. People can commit to all kinds of things — ideals, beliefs, ways of life, mental institutions… Usually, in my writing I am inclined to take some sort of societal angle, food-for-thought kind of stuff. But that, and the […]


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My Manifesto

Its about time I used this page for something more then just evil. It’s time I came out and said what it’s all about. Or maybe I could just ramble some more. The other day on the way to work I was listening to Howard Stern and realized a peculiar thing about myself. I was […]

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