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Doggie Update

Sierra and Maggie Mae

The update to my dog story thankfully has a happy ending. I’ll let the email we received from the foster parents do the rest of the talking.

Thanks to the help of the Deb of Antietam Creek Samoyed Club and Sandy of Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue, Sierra was placed in a wonderful home last Sunday December 12, 2004. Sierra is now living in Eastern Pennsylvania with her new sister Maggie Mae, an Eskimo Spitz who was recently rescued from a New York Rescue Organization. As soon as Sierra and Maggie Mae met, they
immediately began to play as if they were long lost friends.

Although we suffer from separation anxiety, we fully believe that we found a home where not only will she be well cared for, but she will be spoiled immensely. This has lightened our hearts and made the transition for us easier to bear.


As an expecting father, acutely aware of the importance of an inviolable childhood development, I have to say…

WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!?


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Seeing Red

Once again, the Pragmatist neatly summarizes something I’ve been thinking about, but not taken any time to articulate—the living hell that has turned into my daily work routine. It’s a nightmare of red tape called Sarbanes-Oxely.

Thanks, Kenny Boy.

Yep, It’s Official

‘Old Dirty Bastard’ died neither of old age nor of the shame of being a bastard, as some might have predicted. Apparently, it had more to do with the dirty part.

Go figure.


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A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism

A Freshman's Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism: A Novel, by Jeff RimlandI’m putting down my reading of Robinson Crusoe to read the novel a friend of mine recently had published. It’s called A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism: A Novel by Jeff Rimland. I highly recommend anything this writer of untold comic misery gets a hankering to pen. Also, and in no way related to the recommendation (wink, wink), I designed the cover for the book—an exercise I’d be happy to repeat for any of my novel-writing friends out there.

So, anyway, here I was several chapters into Crusoe when Jeff mailed me a copy of his brilliant and shining new book, and not a minute too soon. I don’t know if it says anything about my life, but I had already decided that the famously shipwrecked castaway had it pretty easy on that island. What a let down to find out that the guy had plenty of clothes, food, wine, a ton of gun powder, and a dog to boot. And I thought it was going to be a story about survival. For crying out loud, Tom Hanks had to talk to a damn soccer ball!

Well, in any case, now I have something new to read. And I seriously hope this is the first of many novels we get to see from Jeff Rimland.

If you haven’t already clicked the link to buy it (what the hell are you waiting for, anyway?), here’s the book’s official primer:

Freshman year of college: the time when most people experience the highest highs and most insidious lows of their life. Each day is full of defining moments that shape who you become, and every night can bring either loneliness or promise.

This is especially true for Ferris Novak—a first-year student with an undiagnosed anxiety disorder and a lot on his mind. While trying to navigate the typical freshman fare of flirtatious girls, unintelligible professors, and bizarre roommates, he learns that terrorists have unleashed an apocalyptic threat.

A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Bioterrorism is the account of a young man struggling to enjoy life in the face of unpredictable friends, irrational fear, and deadly consequence

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