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Comments Off on Gregory Hines, RIP

Gregory Hines, RIP

Gregory Hines, a true American entertainer who made us all laugh and whom (during my lifetime, anyway) seemed to single-handedly bring back the value of dance with his unique style of showmanship, has died of cancer at the age of 57. May his message of life and of hope live on in his work and within our collective memories.


Comments Off on Basketball Jones

Basketball Jones

Note to self: Try to get in shape. No, really.

I was in for a rude awakening today when I played a game of half-court basketball with some coworkers during lunch. It wasn’t that they had a particularly better skill level than me. I was just way, way, way, way, way hurting during most of the action. Some of it was because of the extreme heat, but I have a feeling most of it was because of my sad, sad lack of exercise. It suddenly occurred to me, with the weight of a brick shooting through my gasping heart and lungs, that I’ve been sitting at a desk job for over five years.

There are some pretty good workout facilities where I work now. If I had any sense whatsoever, I’d be visiting them more often.


Comments Off on Give the Customer What They Want

Give the Customer What They Want

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruball nicely summarizes Andrew Stone’s apparent distaste of Apple’s Carbon API (and preference for Cocoa), and why resolute adherence to ever-changing technology strategies are not very realistic. True, you can have your ideals—you can live by them and promote them to other people—but if they end up sacrificing customer satisfaction with your product, you’re playing a fool’s game in the marketplace.

It’s Marketing 101: Give the customer what they want.

And if you don’t, somebody else will.


Comments Off on Lean and Mean Howard Dean

Lean and Mean Howard Dean

Bouncing off of what the Ross man says, and after watching Larry King last night, I have to admit that I like Howard Dean too. He’s already gaining so much support at the grassroots level, which is impressive. And he makes his points intelligently.

So far, I think he’s been smart to distinguish himself from the spineless Dems, while self-proclaiming a “centrist” worldview. With an administration as far right as we have, it’s a wonder no one else is doing the same.

And, of course, let’s not forget the parody factor. Dean looks like he’s been drinking coffee laced with Smilex all day. That has the potential for years of material on SNL.


Comments Off on Okie Noodling

Okie Noodling

Okie Noodling chronicles the oddly fascinating world of some Oklahoma men who obsess over capturing catfish with their bare hands. This bizarre sport which “originated as a Native American hunting practice” is also quite dangerous. Bank dwelling catfish live in holes similar to the ones occupied by beavers, which means at the other end lies either a prize, or a rabid-biting rodent ready to tear your arm apart. That doesn’t dissuade these guys, though. They’re all too willing to risk a limb or two for the satisfaction of conquering a beast-sized catfish.

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