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The Matrix Reloaded

As is usually the case, Liz and I waited until mid-week to see this weekend’s blockbuster movie, The Matrix Reloaded.

I have to admit that the first one was easier to get into. Surprisingly, the idea of phone booths transporting between computer generated realities and different colored pills opening up consciousness seem much more easy to digest, if you’ll pardon the pun, then merely talking about the Matrix as if it were a given. Consequently, this film is pushing a genre line between cerebral sci-fi and jam-packed action, hitting the mark for the most part, but not leaving out some want for conceptual simplicity. If you haven’t seen the first flick, don’t even attempt to follow along with this one.

Whether it’s intended or not, I definitely see more Postmodern threads running through the second story. Many, such as the belief that there is no “truth” and the rejection of certain ontological norms are used as constructs within the story itself, which one might ironically argue makes it somewhat less fulfilling to analyze. Still, it seems to know when to back off and isn’t too obsessed with its own creation in the end. The movie Dogma springs to mind as the ultimate example of a movie too involved with it’s own ruling universe. The Matrix, on the other hand, still has some flexibility left in its byte code and I hope the forthcoming conclusion can answer some of the questions still left lingering—that is if I haven’t forgotten to care by then.


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Wedding Bells

Congratulations are in order for the Godfather of Web Standards, Jeffrey Zeldman. He’s nonchalantly slipped in the fact that he’ll soon be getting married on his personal website.

I’ve never met the man, but I do wish him all the best.


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American Idle

Spend enough time in the shower and you’re bound to reveal more than just your birthday suit. For instance, I’ve finally figured out beyond any shadow of doubt what song would have made me win this year’s American Idol competition, you know, when I’d go up on stage and knock ’em all dead with my killer voice range, stupid grin, and high sense of fashion. Bowie’s classic showstopper Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide starts out almost as a non-threatening dirge, of sorts, with talk of how “Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth” and slowly builds up to a dramatic peak with the exclamatory “You’re not alone!” which quickly crescendos into a thoughtfully provoked finale with me smiling and shouting to adoring fans “Gimme your hands!” and “You’re wonderful!” at the top of my lungs.

Oh, the sweet, sweet ecstasy of it all.

Now, if I had the voice, will, or lack of common sense, I might take that thought seriously. But for a brief moment it was satisfying enough just to sing it into a men’s razor.

And then from the other room Liz asked me to kindly shut the hell up.


Site Updates

A couple of site changes happening here today.

  1. A new piece has been added to the view section entitled As American as Apple Computer. It’s basically a reactionary (but very positive) piece concerning Apple as an overlooked national value. Yes, I’m well aware of how biased it is towards Apple as a company, and while I’ve certainly been one to point out some of the their lesser qualities, it’s much better than some of the pointless jingo-fests going around these days.
  2. In an effort to get Safari working properly on this site, I’ve also re-written some of the code. Basically, the background color widget now posts to itself instead of going to a seperate page. This change is reflected in the free Flava-Packet cookie code as well.


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X2 Review

Well, bub, here we go. You sure you want a piece ‘a this?

I thought the first go-around for X-Men was about as good as you could make a movie about a bunch of mutant outcasts who roam the earth with superhuman powers—a good concept, but a little long in the tooth with character development. X2: X-Men United, as it turns out, bears the fruit of that first endeavor. In this one, the screenwriters were able to craft an even more complicated story and transform it into a suspendable reality. The writing, acting, casting, and special effects all make this film better than its predecessor, which if you ask me, gives more credence to a certain theory I had going about Daredevil .

Now, if someone could just explain why Hugh Jackman always looks like a scrawny dork outside of his Wolverine get-up, I’m all ears.


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