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Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire is an entertaining Sci-Fi Action movie if you’re in need of a quick Friday night fix for that sort of thing. Elements of believability are spotty at best, but the special effects are nothing short of spectacular. Matthew McConaughey plays an American soldier/dragon slayer in this futuristic tale where fire-breathing monsters prey upon a burnt-out England. Blazing tattoos, a scruffy beard, and a piss poor attitude, it’s hard to imagine that this guy was once considered Hollywood’s gift to the ladies—even the next Paul Newman. Contrast and irony are almost as big a stimulation as the CGI dragons. Anyway, we found this movie to be entertaining on several levels, but not a landmark achievement by any means.

Snow Day

Well, it was quite a bit more snow than we expected, which kept me from going into work today. However, after shoveling we were able to get out briefly for this cold and wet adventure. Here’s a few winter pics and an iMovie starring Liz.

Requires QuickTime.


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Cat Calls

I got nothing. Anyway, I saw Kottke do this once, so it must pass for content these days. Various names we have called our cat, Max, in no particular order are as follows:

  • Mixy
  • Maxy
  • Paxy Waxy
  • Maxcutio (Shakespearean)
  • Maxy Paxy
  • Bootsy
  • Toots Boots
  • Chowta Chooty (Short for “Watch out, cutie!”)
  • Chowpa Choopy
  • Dudda Pudda
  • Choopy Loopy
  • Crapper
  • Wapper
  • Mr. Peaker Pants

Snow Kitty


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Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Today we binged on turkey like Hunter S. Thompson held captive in an elderly home. Tired. Very tired.


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Liz Gets Her Props

Congratulations are in order to my wife, Liz. She has just been offered the position of Marketing Director at a brand new and prestigious library in our area, beating out 26 other candidates in the process.

Way to go bubby!! I knew you could do it!

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