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Director MX

Macromedia for president in 2004! Announcing Director MX for Mac OS X. Boasting support for both QuickTime and Real media formats, this multi-media authoring environment looks like a real powerhouse. New features also include support for accessibility and Interactive Real-Time 3D. Look here for a collection of awesome Aqua screenshots.

Also threaded at MacSlash


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Punched Into Love

Punch Drunk Love is the most surprising piece of cinema I’ve seen in quite a while. Adam Sandler is undeniably spectacular, digging into his usual bag of performance nerves, where awkwardness, anger, stupidity, and genuine endearment reveal a human connection much too extreme to be considered anything but humorous. But this is not an “Adam Sandler” movie. Without spoiling too much, this is a clever love story, of sorts, that moves with actual poetry—something I never thought I’d say about a movie starring of all people… the Stud Boy.

Bonus points for anyone who remembers that one.


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To VB or .Net to Be

Uuugggh, no more technology. Non-geeks, as well as the more qualified real geeks in the house, can skip over this pointless regurgitation. Tonight I finished up some work-related training on VB.Net. Yes, you read that right. I never pass up free training. However, for a number of reasons, it’s been hard for me to form a conclusion on the subject of .Net. For the most part, it seems like Microsoft has managed to redesign their development environment to be much easier and more powerful, at the same time hiding some of the obvious flaws. (We Mac users want to know, how did you guys last so long with those DLL install errors?) These are pros that are likely to be seen by the end user and present themselves as tangible benefits to developers as well. And after using Visual Studio .Net for just a few classes, it is obvious that the higher level of thought didn’t stop at the framework either. A lot of effort has been put into making the development application somewhat smarter to use. Intellisense is an admittedly nice feature, although I’ve already seen it in Homesite and Dreamweaver MX. Suffice to say, all of this programming stuff has become fairly interesting to me. I’ve even installed Apple’s free developer tools on my Mac to see how it measures up. So far, aside from the fact that one of them doesn’t do .Net, the price point seems to be the most glaring difference (VB Studio is over $2,000, while Apple’s Project Builder is free—who says Apple doesn’t treat their developers nicely).


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I was able to mess around with a technology preview of Macromedia Contribute today with a coworker and, man, am I suitably impressed.

Basically, it gives non-technical clients and staff members the ability to edit content without any prior knowledge of HTML. This is a promise that a lot of WYSIWYG editors have made in the past, but this completely new program is the first seemingly sensible option—at least from the standpoint of this web developer. Yes, I cringe at the thought of my code being destroyed by the likes of FrontPage.

Contribute, on the other hand, seems very slick.

This reason for this is quite simple. Unlike some companies, Macromedia seems to understand the big picture. Furthermore, they are nothing but stellar at filling marketing needs (i.e. customer’s wants) and they’re continually getting better with technological innovations (i.e. reaching out to standards, recognizing various server environments, etc.). Their products are by and large outstandingly attractive, smart, and useful on multiple platforms.

And with Contribute—at least from what I gathered in the five minutes I was able to see it being used—they seem to be coming very close to the mantra of “Web Publishing for Everyone.”


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I dig Britain’s Beth Orton. Her new website is quite fitting, especially the nicely jacked up QuickTime player, which smoothly delivers several of her videos, including her latest single, Anywhere.

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