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American Red Cross

American Red Cross
I found this tech related link on MacSlash today. Apparently the American Red Cross could use some help from IT companies.


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Liz Okay in DC

This morning my wife Liz went off for a regular day of school at
American University in Washington DC only to find that an irregular day was happening to our nation—and later to our nation’s capitol. About the time she arrived on campus Liz called me on her cell phone to report the tragic news happening six miles away from her at the Pentagon. By that time, traffic in DC was at a standstill, leaving her no option but to venture onto campus. Upon finding her classes canceled and most of the buildings empty, she met up with her cousin Shawn working in a nearby building. The two are now safely in fighter patrolled skies at Shawn and her husband Phil’s home in Annadale, VA.

Thank you personally to everyone who called in to check in on her and offered your support to me. I am happy to report that Liz is safe, well, and possibly returning home to PA tomorrow pending any other circumstance.

Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel a tremendous amount of disgust in having to report this news under such disheartening circumstances. I don’t like to think of anyone’s safety as a fact that could be taken for granted. Not in this great and free society. Not ever.

I know I speak for us both when I say our hearts go out to anyone and everyone affected by this terrible day.

God bless all Americans and God bless the free nations of the world. Together we can band together to rid this unthinkable evil from the earth.


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Oriented and Growing Up

Yesterday I took some time off to be with my wife at AU. They have an Arts Management program, one of a few schools in the country to offer such a unique program, and Liz is commuting there to achieve her Masters of Fine Arts.

The get together we went to was harmless enough, just some general schmoozing and such—an orientation of sorts to get new and returning students connected with each other. However, a small venture to the cafeteria for a quick bite to eat somehow made me feel… well… ancient. I’ve only been out of school about five years, but it seemed like an eternity. The energy around me was so young and unaffected by the sobering realities of the workforce. And I thought watching TRL was bad. It didn’t help that a childhood friend of mine called a few days earlier to tell me that he and his wife are having a baby. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy as can be for him. It just seems like yesterday that we were a couple of kids ourselves.


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Bet on It

We’re off to Atlantic City for an atypical white trash vacation. Afterwards, Liz is heading back to school with a shiny new iBook, and I’m finally taking the time to finish redesigning this pathetic-looking site. No, really, it’s all gonna happen. Just as soon as we hit it big in AC.

Really, trust me. I got a system.


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Wanted: For Shame

Wanted: For Shame

Aaaaah, summer is the time to let your hair down and pose in a ridiculous photo with your mother-in-law and your 10-year-old nephew. You have to do it, because it’s, well, appropriate. And nobody likes a stick in the mud. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…

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