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Ripped, Mixed, and Burnt-Out Stooge

We all know Iggy Pop is a total burn-out.

But would we, should we, could we love him any other way?

So it seems perfect for him to make a cameo appearance, along with a rag-tag assembly of duly noted artists in an Apple commercial promoting, what else, Macs that can rip, mix, and burn in CD-R perfection. Iggy’s the guy snickering behind the true Renegade of Funk, George Clinton.

A closer inspection of the
long-play version reveals Iggy with a speaking part. When the young mixer requests to add “Search and Destroy” to the mix, Iggy politely responds, “With or without jumper cables?” —no doubt a reference to the self-mutilating theatre antics of his early days.

This is a novel idea for Apple, considering their somewhat conservative approach to marketing as of late. A firm identity is one thing. Predictability is another.


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Standards vs. WebTV

The Web Standard Project’s, recent Browser Upgrade Campaign is both a liberating and all too entangled dilemma for this web designer. I agree that the solution makes perfect sense for computer users and also “seems obvious in hindsight.” But what about those who are not computer users to begin with?

Go to the official Browser Upgrade redirect page and there is absolutely no mentioning of WebTV. Having a small but important majority of WebTV users in my own audience (Hi, mom), I have always struggled with how to make my pages read across the WebTV browser (if you want to call it that), which lacks in proper standards and any overall aesthetic appeal. But the upgrade campaign leaves that segment of my audience with no option to upgrade, no option to standardize.

So what is the solution for those who cannot upgrade their browsers to meet standards? Upgrading their equipment? When I was newer to making web pages, I might have offered the solution of running a Javascript detect that sends WebTV users to the AppleStore to purchase a $799 iMac. But I know now, that is really presumptuous and mostly bad taste. And I must add, after recently taking four or five hours out of my day to deal with the
QuickTime St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, I can hardly blame anyone for not wanting to use an occasionally frustrating, if not maddening, device such as a computer. Add in the numerous strands of computer viruses that exist today and something like WebTV or Sega Dreamcast seems like a workable alternative for web browsing, if not a viable platform of choice.

So without any other options for those users, the only option for me is either to neglect and ignore them, or continue to do things the way I’ve always done them, hence making two entrances to my webpage.

Or I can start to look at other methods. After all, there’s Flash, which has been around forever, and the new WAP protocol. Perhaps two viable ways to get information to gel with near absolute certainty that may or may not help designers give more options to their viewers. But I’m not sure how that all fits into the scope of non-computer devices like WebTV just yet, much less the next internet device to come down the pike in two months.

I guess I’ll have to give that some more thought before I make any commitments to say to hell with bad browsers. I’m not disheartened with the Web Standards guys at all and I hope I don’t come off that way. I’m just perplexed at how to reach a workable solution for all that will stay consistent over time.


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The Sound of Silence

Be patient kind visitor. A new design is being worked on (or rather thought about intensely). I promise, slowly but surely, it will come eventually. The truth of the matter is, I’m actually more interested in some things I’m doing for work, so I think I’m going to stop talking like a new design is imminent. I know you’re crushed.

Until the day comes when I can claim victory over my new-site-design-oritis , treat yourself to a trip down memory lane (‘ya know — like back in the day) and visit the newly archived version of the ghosts of past.

To everything turn, turn, turn…


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Hang-on to Your Pixels

Time sits still for eleven days straight as we contemplate the fate of our nation and a new design for our little presence here. I really hate having two entrances. Really.

Beyond that, not much else is happening. Liz continues her two hour school commute. She finds Marketing a tad bit easier to follow than Board Development for Not Profit Organizations. Can’t imagine why.

We thought Snatch deserved a few more red tomatoes than it received credit for here.

Now, if only Quentin could still make ’em like that.


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Vertical Limits of Taste

The Central Pennsylvania movie theatre situation has to change. You’re either shoved into an overcrowded theatre with a tiny viewing screen or forced to pay out the butt for cold popcorn that seems to brought in from a closet in a plastic bag. Yes, this weekend’s movie-going experience sucked that bad.

With every intention of seeing Cast Away, we wound up going to Vertical Limit instead. While Liz gave it a hardy thumbs down, I was at least amused by the thoughtless plot and pointless stupidity of the characters. This movie should have been renamed 50 Ways to Mishandle Nitroglycerine While Climbing K-2. We thought the experience of seeing Everest, in all aspects of suspense and believability was done much, much better.

Thank God for the IMAX.

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